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Kody and Christine Brown proceed to ‘wrestle’ of their marriage on the Dec. 5 episode of ‘Sister Wives.’

Things didn’t get higher in Kody Brown and Christine Brown’s marriage on the Dec. 5 episodes of Sister Wives, Although the episode began out on a constructive observe, with the household lastly deciding how they’d divide up their Coyote Pass property, Christine’s coronary heart nonetheless wasn’t in it. She was nonetheless set on shifting again to Utah, though that didn’t appear to be within the playing cards for Kody and the remainder of his wives.

“Kody and I are struggling more than ever before,” Christine admitted. “The thought of living here on the property and seeing him in full functioning marriages — do I want that? No. The best I can give today is just to pretend.” Kody might inform that one thing was off with Christine, so he requested her to satisfy him on her piece of property to speak issues out. Christine defined that she was upset with Kody for initially being “giddy” in regards to the prospect of shifting again to Utah, solely to then say he did not wish to when the dialog got here up with the opposite wives.

christine brown
Christine Brown on the Dec. 5 episode of ‘Sister Wives.’ (TLC)

“We want different things in our relationship,” she stated in a confessional. “We want a different kind of relationship. I don’t even want to talk to him right now, to be honest with you.” Kody apologized fo shutting the dialog about Utah down in entrance of the opposite wives, and admitted to being “stoic” about it.

Although Christine thanked Kody for his apology, deep down, she wasn’t feeling it. “That’s a stupid word he’s using. Stoic? Bulls***. He was an ass,” she ranted. “Whatever, you wish you were stoic. I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to talk to him. I don’t trust a word that’s coming out of his mouth. I don’t believe him that he’s sorry.”

Christine and Kody continued to go in circles, as she defined that she wished to be in Utah as a result of she had extra household and a way of “group” there. However, Kody tried to persuade her that she may very well be simply as completely happy in Arizona. “I feel like I’m constantly dealing with a situation with Christine where I can’t make her happy,” he admitted. “She won’t be happy with anything and now I’m starting to wonder what’s going on.”

When Kody pushed Christine to inform him why she actually wished to be again in Utah, she shut down. She broke down in tears and ultimately walked off earlier than they may end the dialog. “Why would I want to live on the same property with a dysfunctional marriage where right over there he’s got a full functioning marriage?” Christine puzzled. “Who in her right mind would ever want to live like that? If mine and Kody’s relationship were better and we both wanted the same type of relationship — a full marriage — I could handle staying here a lot easier.”

christine brown kody brown
Christine Brown and Kody Brown in a ‘Sister Wives’ confessional. (TLC)
The issues in Kody and Christine’s relationship have been heightened amidst COVID-19, as nicely, as a consequence of Christine touring in the course of the pandemic, regardless of Kody asking her to not. However, her newest purpose for journey was in order that the pair’s teen daughter, Ysabel Brown, might get the back surgery she wanted in New Jersey. One day earlier than the surgical procedure, Kody and all of the wives obtained collectively so Christine might clarify precisely what could be occurring.

Due to the process, restoration and quarantine guidelines, Christine, Ysabel and her different youngsters could be away for greater than six weeks. Kody opted to not journey to be with them for the surgical procedure as a consequence of COVID. Ysabel was upset by his choice, however advised him she was okay with it. Meanwhile, Christine was excited for a break from her marriage that was falling aside. “Kody and I will not be getting higher,” she stated. “It’s been dangerous for a very long time. I’d like it if Kody might come for Ysabel’s sake, however for me, I do not care that he isn’t going to be there. I feel us being separated for this month could be good.”

This episode was filmed on the finish of summer time 2020, however clearly, Kody and Christine have been by no means in a position to get previous their points. As followers know, Kody and Christine opted to end their marriage within the fall of 2021.

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