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Miranda and Che’s relationship took a dramatic (and really steamy) flip through the December 29 episode of ‘And Just Like That.’ Plus, Carrie admitted that she misses Samantha.

Carrie brings Seema to her beloved condominium, and we get a glimpse into the at all times hidden entryway. Carrie grabs an umbrella to make use of as a cane as she walks up the steps as a result of her decrease again has been bothering her. Carrie thinks it is a “completely common senior condition,” however Seema places a fast name into her physician cousin.

Carrie thinks she has arthritis, however Dr. Patel tells her that she truly has an undiagnosed congenital start defect in her hip. Thankfully, this may be fastened surgically.

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw. (HBO Max)

Rose Is Now Rock

Anthony has his first solo lunch post-Stanford with the women. Carrie explains in regards to the surgical procedure, and Charlotte has a schedule that maps out who will handle Carrie and when. At one level throughout lunch, Miranda desires to get champagne. Charlotte offers her a glance and thinks it is manner too early for alcohol.

After an ungainly second with the college mothers on Zoom, LTW tells Charlotte that Rose has advised everybody at college to name them Rock any more. Charlotte is blindsided. She goes to confront Rock about their new identify. Rock says they did reveal their new identify — on TikTok. Rock admits that they now not really feel like Rose. “I feel like Rock,” they are saying. The academics and college students have already tailored, and Charlotte and Harry should shortly play catch-up.

Later, Harry and Charlotte have a parent-teacher convention about Rock. The academics are very supportive of Rock’s resolution and advocate remedy and counseling. Harry and Charlotte are having a tough time adjusting to Rock’s id.

Miranda will get a e book within the mail about easy methods to stop consuming, and she or he routinely thinks Charlotte despatched it to her. Miranda unloads on Carrie and thinks this was a passive manner for Charlotte to speak to her. Miranda would not assume she must stop consuming.

Miranda & Che Have Sex

At the hospital, Che calls Carrie and Miranda picks up the cellphone. Carrie is busy making an attempt to make use of the toilet after her surgical procedure. Miranda initially invitations Che up however Carrie says no. Miranda finally ends up happening to have lunch with Che. Miranda is crushing laborious,

Despite simply having surgical procedure, Carrie nonetheless Zooms into the podcast. She is excessive as a kite on painkillers and tells the story of when Samantha pulled out her diaphragm. Charlotte, Che, and Jackie cannot cease cracking up. After the podcast is over, Charlotte wonders if Samantha can be okay with Carrie mentioning her identify and the story. Carrie would not assume this podcast is even on Samantha’s radar. “I think maybe you should let her know,” Charlotte says.

Che stops by Carrie’s condominium when Miranda is watching Carrie. While Carrie takes a nap, Che and Miranda find yourself taking photographs and smoking a joint. Miranda will get very touchy-feely with Che. They find yourself passionately making out within the kitchen simply as Carrie wakes up having to pee. Things escalate between Che and Miranda a lot in order that they do not hear Carrie calling. Carrie pees within the empty Snapple bottle as Che and Miranda have intercourse within the kitchen. Carrie finally ends up spilling pee on the mattress.

Sara Ramirez
Sara Ramirez and Cynthia Nixon as Che and Miranda. (HBO Max)

“That was the best feeling I’ve ever had in my life,” Miranda says to Che. They make out once more earlier than Che leaves. Che tells Miranda to DM them if she desires to hang around once more quickly.

Needless to say, Carrie is livid about what simply occurred. She would not waste any time confronting Miranda about what she simply heard. Miranda explains that she and Che had been consuming. She tries to snigger the entire thing off. “Maybe Charlotte was proper. Maybe you do have a consuming downside,” Carrie snaps.

Miranda says that she would not have a consuming downside. She simply received “carried away.” Carrie claps again, “You are married, and also you simply had intercourse in my kitchen.” Miranda then makes a confession. “I’m sad. I’m sad, okay? I’m trapped. I hate my marriage. I hate it. I hate my life. I hate it,” she tells Carrie.

“Since when?” Carrie asks. Miranda replies, “Forever?” Carrie would not assume that is true, however Miranda says it looks like it’s. Miranda looks like this life that she’s dwelling “isn’t enough” for her. Carrie thinks that Miranda ought to look into her consuming downside. “I don’t have a problem,” Miranda says. If she actually thought she had an issue, she’d stop immediately.

Carrie brings up Miranda having intercourse with Che within the kitchen. “I don’t know if I want to quit that. I’ve never felt like that in my life,” Miranda confesses.

Carrie Misses Samantha

Kim Cattrall
Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones. (Everett Collection)

After Miranda leaves, Carrie texts Samantha to inform her in regards to the diaphragm story arising on the podcast. “One of my finest hours,” Samanta texts Carrie. “Hope that’s okay,” Carrie replies. Samantha says, “Of course. I love that your vagina is getting air time.” When Carrie texts “I miss you” to Samantha, that is when Samantha goes radio-silent.

Back in Brooklyn, Miranda tries to show herself easy methods to make a negroni as she listens to Che’s podcast. She discovers that she’s the one who purchased the consuming e book and never Charlotte. That’s when Miranda decides to pour out all the alcohol in the home.

Charlotte explains the entire scenario with Rock at college to Carrie as they watch for bodily remedy. While Harry thinks the college is overreacting, Charlotte wonders in the event that they’re underreacting. Charlotte simply desires to do the appropriate factor for Rock, and Carrie is aware of she’s going to. Carrie meets her bodily therapist Travis, and he’s past sizzling. Carrie’s even keen to pay out of pocket for him. She admits that her major aim is to get again into her heels. Just three months later, Carrie meets her aim.

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