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Tameka Raymond appears again on her many obstacles, together with the tragic loss of life of her 11-year-old son, in her upcoming memoir, ‘Here I Stand… In A Beautiful State.’

Tameka Raymond has been writing her story for years — going backwards and forwards to her manuscripts throughout occasions of anger, grief, defeat and eventually, love, when she determined to complete her upcoming memoir throughout quarantine. Now, forward of its launch on Sept. fifteenth, the style stylist, who was once married to Usher, joined the HollywoodLife Podcast to debate Here I Stand…In A Beautiful State, together with the various life obstacles she remembers within the story, together with the tragic loss of life of her son, Kile Glover. “One factor that in writing my memoir I realized is that you simply simply do not dwell with remorse. You take a look at all the pieces as an expertise or a lesson,” Tameka advised HL. “My son who handed, I had the best 11 years with him when he was on Earth. Of course, after all, him passing has been gutting, and really tragic and life altering. But I’ve very fond reminiscences of my life with him, and he is made me a greater particular person.”

Tameka’s son, who she shared along with her ex-husband Ryan Gloverhandjob was killed at Lake Lanier in 2012, when a jet ski operated by household pal Jeffrey Hubbard struck Kile, who was on an inside tube close by. “He was really just having a good time,” Tameka recalled. “I’m not saying that Kyle was the best child on the earth as a result of he handed. He actually was the best child on the earth. In hindsight, you begin considering of issues that he would do. He was very form, he wasn’t a child would choose a combat. He sort of had an angelic spirit on a regular basis.”

Tameka Raymond’s memoir will likely be out Sept. fifteenth and is at the moment accessible for pre-order.

Inspired by his unbelievable altruism in his quick life, Tameka launched Kile’s World Foundation, a non-profit that seeks to reward youngsters everywhere in the world who apply random acts of kindness. “We went to Ghana in May and partnered with Wilson and the American Football Association to result in 100 youngsters soccer, T-shirts, sweet, lunch. It was a full day camp and it was superb,” the style stylist stated.

In the top, Tameka’s memoir is about “letting people see that you can go through different obstacles — losing a child or divorce, or losing your mother — all those things that I went through, and you can still be in a beautiful state.”

She continued, “If you’re negative, if you’re mad, if you’re angry, you won’t be able to finish your life in peace. I am at my halfway point, and hopefully, I want to finish it out with as much peace as possible.”

In different moments of her upcoming e book, Tameka says that grieving moms can hopefully discover solace in her personal journey. “I hope that they learn that they have to continue to live. I feel that they owe it to their child or whomever their loved one is that may have passed, they have to continue to live,” she explained. “If you wilt away, I feel you’re doing a disservice to your child. For Kyle, I have to live big and be as successful as possible, and live out loud on his behalf… I do it in his honor, and I’m always proud.”

Tameka Raymond along with her ex-husband Usher. (Shutterstock)

Tameka Raymond’s memoir, Here I Stand…In A Beautiful State, is available for pre-order now on her web site.

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